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About This Site

This is an example of a basic, database-driven site which has full built-in database administration where any of the site's text can be edited through the browser by using a simple Administrator login, while also providing a login area for visitors' special Membership features.  Rather than going for expensive and unnecessary frills, it was created to show that the minimalist approach can also work and is often a good and cost effective beginning.

For those who want a very powerful site that is easy to maintain and are on a tight budget, we can also install premade CMS (Content Management System) sites, such as Zikula or one of the various Wiki sites.  For a very nominal annual fee, these can be hosted on our server for you too.

For a more complete listing of the various sites we've created, be sure to check the Links menu item, or scroll down on this page for a link to the Webmaster's resume which has additional details.  These sites range from plain HTML to elaborate relational databases using SQL Server, MySQL, MS-Access and others, with programming languages including VBScript, JavaScript, Perl and PHP, and others.  While there is only a single example using Flash™ or other multimedia features, we are also experienced in these types of sites.

What's Here

Although simple and basic, on it, you will find many items of interest to view, a number of services available and many items for sale.  A Membership area is available that provides discounts on many of the items for sale just for joining - and it's free!  Who says you can't get something for nothing?

Be sure to also visit the Packards / Imperials Page for lots of information about those two fine automobile marques, with a special focus on the coachbuilt models such as the gorgeous Ghia-Imperial limousines and the Henney-Packard limousines and professional cars.

About the Webmaster

This site was designed and is run by Don Pierson, a junk-nut who can't easily throw anything away.  His hobbies range from antique and special interest autos including Cadillacs, Imperials and Packards - the bigger the better since size matters!  He has also always enjoyed electronics all of his life and computers since they first became available.  He especially likes electronic musical instruments and owns a reproduction of the '30s RCA Theremin.  In addition, Don has a large collection of vintage Polaroid cameras and accessories.

He has been developing Websites, and doing database design and management since the early '90s, and has recently gone back to school to formalize his training, while adding many new and up to date skills.  By combining Web design, database management and user interface design, he specializes in database driven sites in a variety of formats and programming languages.

You can view his resume online on his PersonalZone.net site.


Bringing the past, the present and the future together!

The Packard Crest is the registered trademark of The Packard Club, PAC, and is used with permission.

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